Ordering Concrete

  Placing your Order:
  Our friendly, knowledgeable dispatchers make sure you get the right mix and the amount you need for your pour when you need it. We recommend placing your order 48 hours in advance.
  The dispatcher will need the following information:
Company or Homeowner Name
Day and time of delivery. Delivery times fill quickly; please place your orders 48 hours ahead of time.
Project Name, your job number or Purchase Order number (if applicable)
Project location and address, town or city, including the nearest major street or intersection and lot number or building number if a new construction.
Potential job problems or issues. Traffic tie ups, slower than expected placement, difficult access, accidents, the weather, etc. can all affect when the trucks can return to the plant. Let dispatch know if pours are going to take extra time
Job site contact name and mobile phone number.
Quantity required or job dimensions. Call our dispatchers or use our concrete calculator to help to determine how much concrete you will need. Be sure to make a 10% allowance for uneven sub-grade, spillage, etc. and round up to the closest ¼ yard.
What type of pour (exterior flatwork, wall, slab on grade, etc.)
How you are unloading the concrete (chute, wheelbarrow, power buggy, concrete pump, etc.).
Proper mix and slump. Our dispatchers can help you with this based on the type of project and the weather conditions. We can suggest any complementary products like fibers, calcium chloride, non-chloride accelerators, retarders, and water reducers that will aid in placement or finishing
Extra building supplies. We offer re-rod, expansion joint, concrete colors, curing and sealing compounds etc.
Will Call, Firm Order, Weather Permitting:
Will Call means you intend to pour but order will not be shipped until it is confirmed by telephone as a “Firm”order.
Firm Order means it will be shipped at the specific time unless it is cancelled at least 90 minutes before your scheduled time.
Weather Permitting will only be shipped if there is a positive weather report. A "Rain or Shine" order will be shipped without confirmation, but will be held if there are severe weather conditions that affect the safety of the driver and our operation.
How will payment be made? (cash, credit card or open account) WE DO NOT ACCEPT CHECKS!!:


Credit Application


We realize that problems in the field may occur and remain flexible toward canceling and rescheduling orders. If you need to cancel an order, please let us know at least two hours before the scheduled delivery time. We will always do our best to accommodate rescheduling. Extra time on the phone can eliminate big problems on the job


Refer to the concrete calculators below to determine how much concrete you will need.


Concrete Slab Calculator
Thickness (h) inches
Width (w) feet
Length (l) feet
Cubic Yards 40 # Bags 60 # Bags 80 # Bags


Concrete Footing Calculator
Depth (h) inches
Width (w) inches
Length (l) feet
Cubic Yards 40 # Bags 60 # Bags 80 # Bags


Concrete Column Calculator
Diameter (d) inches
Height (w) inches
Cubic Yards 40 # Bags 60 # Bags 80 # Bags




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