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At Paragon, we are able to produce a wide range of concrete mixes for any given application. Our production facilities and materials meet local county and Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) requirements. Our facilities also conform to strict National Ready Mix Concrete Association (NRMCA) standards. We use the highest quality raw materials to manufacture our concrete. Two American Concrete Institute (ACI) certified technicians are on staff to manage quality control testing and compliance.


Refer to Safety Data Sheets (SDS) and standard price list for Ready Mixed Concrete below:


SDS Ready Mixed Concrete


Ready Mixed Concrete Pricing


In addition to concrete, we also offer a full line of concrete accessories. Refer to the price list for concrete supplies below:


Concrete Supplies Pricing


Fiber (Steel and Polymer)
Rod (#3-3/8 inch, #4-1/2 inch, #5-5/8 inch)
Expansion Joint (2 inch, 3 inch, 4 inch, 6 inch, 8 inch)
Curing and Sealing Compounds
Color Products (integral color and release) - see color chart below:



Terra Cotta Light


Terra Cotta Medium


Terra Cotta Dark


Terra Cotta Deep


Merlot Light


Merlot Medium


Merlot Dark


Merlot Deep


Wheat Light


Wheat Medium


Wheat Dark


Wheat Deep


Brownstone Light


Brownstone Medium


Brownstone Dark


Brownstone Deep


Coal Light


Coal Medium


Coal Dark


Coal Deep


Acorn Light


Acorn Medium


Acorn Dark


Acorn Deep


Mocha Light


Mocha Medium


Mocha Dark


Mocha Deep



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